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We at expose-communications eschew a one-size-fits-all model to communications. 


We understand that to promote our clients effectively - their services, brands, and products - truly individual strategies work best.


While we know that satisfied customers and their word-of-mouth is an important foundation for any business, our aim is to transform this exponentially by each incremental step in our journey to expose you.


Our services include, but are not limited to:


  • media relations – we offer a comprehensive range of media relations services.  Priding ourselves on creating intelligent, imaginative yet functional packages, we build sustainable and cost effective relationships including print, online and broadcast media with the ultimate end of improving your sales.


  • digital communications – we are experts in utilising social media and its influential users to optimise a brand’s image and to generate increased levels of apt and profitable exposure. 


  • brand management – from the initial development of a brand, to its launch and through its evolution, we offer comprehensive strategies to establish, (re-)position and maintain strong and integrated brand image.  Our talented team will create all varieties of marketing literature for you.


  • events management – we can facilitate events of all kinds using our tried and trusted database of contacts, and our strong organisation skills.


  • sales & distribution – Each client has been carefully selected to fit within the agency's portfolio and philosophy. Our focus is aimed at the long term and to progressively grow each brand to its full potential through our relationships with the region's retailers and buyers.


  • partnerships – with an over-brimming database of industry and personal contacts we offer valuable and frequent introductions, and enable mutually-beneficial partnerships and sponsorships.  Cross-fertilisation within our portfolio of clients frequently produces reciprocally complementary collaborations.