Estuary Auctions 2013

Estuary Auctions is a licensed auction house with extensive experience in holding and managing Public and Private bidding auctions. With head offices in Abu Dhabi, UAE; Estuary Auctions specialize in management, investment and professional appraisals. Estuary Auctions are held publicly with extensive marketing at a national and international level, or privately by personal invitation at ones request and instruction. The auction house also helps clients invest securely by providing professional guidance and advice on appreciating collectibles or by sourcing antique, fine art and/or collectible items that are of particular interest at a strictly confidential level. Estuary Auctions and investors have built awareness within the Antique and Fine Art market by focusing on this sector as a secure source of investment during fluctuating economic times. Historically, the Antique and Fine Art market flourishes and appreciates through economic booms as well as recessions and in the past three years alone, some fine and unique pieces have seen their value multiply.