HANIA,  the luxury abaya label based in Saudi Arabia, focuses on creating luxurious, unique and fashion-forward abayas and sheilas. The designer behind the brand, Hania Albraikan, is a fashion designer and businesswoman at heart. 

HANIA abayas and sheilas feature eye-catching details such as delicate lace trim, exotic feather detailing, cutaway panels that expose contrast fabric underneath and delicate beading and sequins that are reminiscent of couture. HANIA uses only the finest fabrics and details that are sourced from all over the world and customizes each abaya to ensure that each customer has a piece unique to them. 

HANIA stands as a brand that encapsulates everything that a confident, ambitious and bold woman could want in a collection of clothing. With a strong established fan base and a flair for creating luxury abayas with a unique twist, the HANIA brand is sure to win many more fans in seasons to come.