Bedashing Beauty Lounge

Bedashing Beauty Lounge is a modern, trendsetting beauty lounge esteemed for its award-winning beauty services and the unique experience it offers to clients.

Started in 2008, Bedashing Beauty Lounge has become a trusted destination for the region’s busy beauty aficionados thanks to its extensive treatment menu, highly trained staff and it’s buzzy ambience. Leading the charge in luxury, state-of-the-art service, Bedashing Beauty Lounge has been the recipient of multiple awards, cementing its position as an authority in the market. Emirati-owned, Bedashing Beauty Lounge has an international outlook, meaning it combines in-depth knowledge of the region’s women and their needs with of-the-moment treatments and trends.

Bedashing Beauty Lounge knows that their customer always has a to-do list and likes her services to be as fast as they are fabulous. Bedashing excels at delivering exceptional service that combines world-class beauty treatments in an efficient manner that’s friendly to busy schedules – it’s your one-seat stop for prompt pampering.