Zeina Zain

Zeina Zain Al Abdeen is the Syrian designer and curator of the Dubai based womenswear label Zeina Zain, a contemporary ready-to-wear label that aspires to create chic, flattering and feminine collections with a unique, spontaneous style inspired by her travels.


Zeina Zain has always had a love for design, fashion, and desired a path within the creative industries, turning this ambition into reality in recent years with the launch of her eponymous label. Zeina began producing items of clothing for close family and friends, and after moving to the fashion hub of the Middle East, Dubai, was inspired by the infectious energy that the city emits. A spirit that encourages entrepreneurship and enables driven individuals to pursue their dreams with determination and motivation. Zeina adopted this and enrolled in an intensive fashion design course to develop her already existing knowledge and understanding of the dynamic and exciting fashion industry, in order to equip her in launching her brand.


Zeina Zain’s collections are for the woman that exudes confidence and never settles for ordinary. Her elegant designs offer a minimalistic aesthetic with a contemporary modern twist, and are reminiscent of the vibrant culture and history experienced. Both Zeina’s travels and fashion education unite in creating unique collections and building an innovative brand that aims to dress and cater to the women of now.