Cypher Urban Roastery

Like any visionary organization, Cypher begins with a real life story born from a real need. It is a story of nostalgia, of searching for quality of life, and of a journey to re-produce an ancient and beautiful coffee experience in the Middle East.

Operating through their roastery located in Al Quoz, Cypher is on a mission to change the way people consume coffee. This mission starts with sourcing the highest standard of organic coffee beans, providing exceptional service to retailers, and ensuring that people in the Middle East can enjoy some of the best coffee that the world has to offer. After all, coffee is a daily part of the lives of millions of people.

By roasting beans in the UAE and introducing a no-compromise approach to exceptional products, processes and services, Cypher intends to disrupt the restrictive structures in the industry and open its doors to educate both retailers and consumers on good quality coffee, and in this way improve their daily lives.