With the constant use of handlend gadgets, the amount of dirty build up these devices are prone to, comes as no surprise. Solving this problem, shark tank winners Phonesoap introduced a first of its kind technology that removes all impurities from the surface of your phone within a few minutes. 


Employing UV light – Phonesoap is a portable device that comes with a charging port allowing your phone to charge and sanitize at the same time. Utilizing the shorter UV-C (germicidal wavelength) radiation that is harmful to microorganisms, it cleans up your phone getting rid of the bacteria on it.


To achieve best results, put your phone inside the phone soap, close the lid, let the UV light turn on for ten minutes after which it will shut off on its own. This will completely clean up your phone without damaging it in anyway.  The good news is that it works not only for your phones but anything that you can fit inside – that you would like to sanitize.