NOOK boutique, as the name suggests - a special place that nourishes dreams, imagination or holds sacred memories - is a chic new corner in the UAE that specializes in accessories for the home. Offering a carefully curated assortment of Scandinavian inspired, minimalistic décor, the brand stands out in its inimitable style and affordable price points.


Accessible via its online shop and through a charming brick and mortar store located in one of the most adored community malls by Dubai’s old timers - Beach Centre in Jumeirah, the world of NOOK is an urban, trendy and warm space for eager home décor aficionados. Founded by long-time friends Ayah Halawani and Nada Al Bahri, the concept store is home to clean, contemporary and modern pieces sourced from interior décor hubs all over the world such as Denmark, Morocco, France, Australia and the like.