Zena Presley

Zena Presley combines her love for art inspired prints with her exquisite style philosophy; to embody the freedom of self-expression through fashion. Collaborating with a range of artists from numerous nationalities, her design ethos stems from the encouragement of diversity within today’s multi cultural world of religion and races. 

Zena Presley’s signature style is established through commissioning patterns and prints with international artists to create statement eye-catching looks, which are offset with clean classic pieces. Her affection for unconventional clothing stems from seeking art which stands out by evoking an underlying cultural story. The trans-seasonal collection is effortlessly wearable with stunning elaborate prints which advocate the brand's signature style of self-expression and art.

The Zena Presley fan has a passion for the beauty and the cultural underlings of art and is someone who takes risks to stand out from the crowd; someone who loves to use fashion and clothing to express their individuality.  

Image credit : www.savoirflair.com